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Afterfield™ Gloveworks Glove Conditioner

Afterfield™ Gloveworks Glove Conditioner


After Field™ is the all-round glove conditioner containing Mink Oil. It is designed to balance and moisturize leather to improve durability and water resistance. You don’t have to worry about sticky and heavy addition to your glove - petroleum based gel to keep the glove light while the leather remains buttery!

How to use: Wipe off excess dust on surface, and put a penny-sized amount of After Field on the leather with your hand or a clean cloth. Apply it gently on the leather in circular motions. Give the most attention to the laces and the pocket which tend to take the brunt of the beating. It can be used after game, or weekly as necessary according to your play pattern.

Ingredients: Mink Oil (80%), Petroleum Jelly (15%), Beeswax (5%)

2 oz.



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