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[Pro One Series]P102 Infield Glove 11.75"

[Pro One Series]P102 Infield Glove 11.75"


Pro One Series

- Handcrafted In Japan

- Made with Hokkaido Wagyu Steerhide by Terada Leather Factory, the heritage leather tannery in Japan

- Handpicked baseball glove pattern by Gloveworks craftsman

- Proudly presented after the years of through research and development

- Lightweight for better ball control

- P102 / Cork color / 11.75" Infield model

- 1.20 lb 

Pro One Series

  • 硬式用
  • 日本製。
  • 寺田製作所製。北海道産和牛使用。
  • Gloveworksの職人により選りすぐられたモデル。
  • 素早い制球をするために軽量化。
  • P102 / コルク色 / 11.75" 内野手用モデル 
  • 545 g

Terada Leather Factory

  The core spirit of Terada Leather Factory starts with respect for the genuine characteristics of the leather and how to achieve the best results. This heritage leather tannery embraces authentic Japanese leather making techniques for baseball gloves, but with a modern touch. Carefully selected Hokkaido Wagyu hides make the best leather to retain the consistent quality and originality seen in Japanese gloves. Using minimal coloring and oiling processes adds flexibility and durability to the leather, allowing it to form better to the hand. A classic glove that becomes one with the owner. Gloveworks is pleased to present the exclusive PRO ONE Series in collaboration with Terada Leather Factory.

  革本来の力を活かし、グラブに最適な革としてのポテンシャル最大限に引き出すこと日本の伝統な製革技術の真髄を受け継いできた寺田製革所の精神です。厳選された北海道旭川産の和牛を使い、革本来の素材を活かすため人為的な加工は最小限のとどめ、品質の安定化とオリジナリティーを体現しています。Gloveworksは革本来の油脂を残し耐久性と柔軟性を兼ね備えた「寺田和牛」によるPRO ONE SERIESをご紹介します。

  가죽 본래의 “힘”을 살릴 것.  글러브에 필요한 가죽의 잠재력을 최대한 끌어낼 것 – 이것이 바로 일본 정통 가죽 가공의 정수를 계승하는 테라다 가죽 제작소의 정신입니다. 테라다 가죽 제작소는  북해도 아사히카와 산 스티어하이드를 엄선해 인위적인 가공을 최대한 배제함으로써 균일한 품질과 오리지널리티를 동시에 구현하고 있습니다. 이제 글러브웍스와 테라다 가죽 제작소가 손을 잡고 PRO ONE 시리즈를 자신 있게 선보입니다.


 ** Please be advised that International Import Tariff is not included in price (輸入関税は含まれておりませんのでご注意下さい。)  .