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[Sample Trial]Iridescent mesh glove only 2 available.

[Sample Trial]Iridescent mesh glove only 2 available.


Thank you for your interest on our new mesh sample. I found this Iridescent mesh from material exhibition last week and I decide to make a glove with this. Since amount of material is very limited, it is only available to make 1 or 2 gloves. So we decide to do this “First come first served”. Size, lace color, web style and etc are all customizable depending on your taste while shell color is fixed at only Black Kip + Iridescent mesh. Please purchase this and then accordingly I will contact you by email for finalizing your custom glove. I am really excited to see how it turns out! Thank you! -Donald-



お選びできる部分: サイズ、レース紐のカラー、ウェブのタイプ、縫い糸 


お値段: 送料含め139.9米ドル (* 輸入関税は含まれておりません)

購買方法: 数量限定(グラブ2個)で先着順でオーダー頂いております。