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[Scarlet Red] "The Mustache" 12" Game-Ready Glove

[Scarlet Red] "The Mustache" 12" Game-Ready Glove


  • 12" Pitcher pattern

  • Baseball stitched basket web, exclusively Gloveworks

  • The original Gloveworks base pattern used for pro players’ gloves

  • Pre-break in for the Game-Ready perfomance

  • Soft & Pebbled U.S steer hide

  • Suitable for recreational use and travel team 

  • Mustache logo on the wrist and the index, designed by Ralston Cash

  • Every $10 per purchase will be donated to Ralston Cash Foundation



    About Ralston Cash foundaton

    "After losing my father to bladder cancer, I could barely process life that Christmas. How could someone, who I saw as a hero, pass away to such an ugly disease? How could I find hope again? These were just some of the many questions that ran through my head during this painful time. However, through my own sadness, I began to think about others who were also going through the same process of losing a loved one. What about those families who lost the income provider for their family? What about those families whose kids were just beginning to walk and just beginning to grow? Through my sadness, I saw an opportunity in which I could help others who were about to deal with the same hurt I had to overcome. I realized the stage I was on was much greater than myself and greater than my career. I realized that there was so much more to do than just throw a baseball and to make fans. For this reason, I wanted to do something that would change lives and give people hope in humanity even when their worlds were flipped upside down. I deceided to take my talents, my time, and my ability to start something that would help more than myself."

    -Ralston Cash, Founder of the Ralston Cash Foundation & Pitcher for the LA Dodgers -